Andrew L. DeCordre

Director of Instruction



I always start a lesson with a new student with the understanding that not all players learn the same way.   For my visual learners I employ V1 Golf Video analysis which we can also send to the student so they can review it between lessons.   For my kinesthetic learners we use a variety of training aids to help them feel the differences with actual body motions.    For students that are audio learners we will have more of a conversation and explanation discussion that will also include a bit of quizzing to help them remember our processes.  

While lowering scores and hitting your clubs farther are important, I also like to asses the student’s goals and aspirations that will help guide them to be a better player and create a more fun and enjoyable atmosphere with their game.  


What we will work on:

Full Swing


Short Game


Practicing the Correct Way

Mental Game Training

Strategy and Decision Making

Playing with the Proper Gear

We have 4 phases of Swing development:

Fundamentals of Golf

Turning and Rotation

Staying Connected in your swingFinding the proper path and plane for each individual player.

Equipment Employed:

ForeSight Quad and GC Hawk

Sheftic Pressure Board

BodiTrak Pressure Mat

V1 Pro Video Software

Many more various training aids.



Corporate Clinics, Group Lesson and Clinics, Playing Lessons and Indoor Clinics are also available. 

Lesson Packages are also available.

Base Rate:

$90 per lesson (lessons are 50 minutes in length)

$400 for 5 lessons

Junior lessons are $40 for 25 minutes or $350 for 10 lessons