Grant Griffiths

Master Golf Teaching Professional and motivational sports coach, Grant Griffiths is widely recognized for his commitment to growing the game of golf in Philadelphia. For the past 13 years, Grant has gained extensive experience using technology and golf simulators to improve golfers of all ages and skill levels. Grant has worked as Director of Golf at JKCP Camps, where he managed a team of professionals coaching hundreds of junior golfers each summer from 35 states and 30 countries, and most recently Director of Instruction at Play-a-Round Golf, developing instruction programs, summer camps and PGA Jr. League with the use of golf simulators. Grant currently serves as the Varsity Head Coach at the Baldwin School, the best private girls’ school on the Main Line.

Grant has developed instruction programs that accelerate success by unlocking strengths and increasing performance in sports and business. His ‘Empower Your Game™’ system is an innovative formula designed to educate and empower while quickly delivering results. The ‘Empower Your Game™ Performance System’ provides expert coaching, world-class club fitting, innovative technology and the skills to build relationships with clients, prospective clients and people within your company. This powerful program provides the modern-day tools you need to focus on something positive – success in business, achieving your goals and enjoying the game of a lifetime.


Grant started playing golf at the age of eight and quickly loved the game. He grew up in South Africa and moved to the United States over 13 years ago. Grant possesses extraordinary ability in sports coaching and has been recognized nationally and internationally for those achievements by the United States. Grant’s love of golf was taught by his father and uncle, and great uncle Bobby Locke who won four Open Championship titles and 74 professional wins. 

“Nothing is more exciting than seeing the expression on my student’s faces when they get the ball airborne for the first time. I get as much pleasure from that, with a new player, as I do coaching a student who breaks 70, wins club championships or wants to qualify for the U.S. Open”.

Pro Prices!

Description Your Price Full Lesson Saving
New Student One-Hour Special $99 $150 Save $51
Adult One-Hour Private $150.00 $150.00
Adult Half-Hour Private $75.00 $75.00
Adult 3-Hour Lesson Pack $400.00 $115.00 Save $50
Adult 5-Hour Lesson Pack $690.00 $750.00 Save $150
Description Price Full Price Saving
Junior One-Hour Private $125.00 $125.00
Junior Half-Hour Private $65.00 $65.00
Junior 5-Hour Lesson Pack $525.00 $625.00 Save $100
Junior 5-Half-Hour Lesson Pack $275.00 $325.00 Save $50
Description Price Full Price Saving
Family One-Hour Private (Max 4) $150.00 $150.00
Family Half-Hour Private (Max 4) $75.00 $75.00
Family 2 Hour Private (Max 4) $200.00 $300.00  $100
Mom/Daughter One-Hour $99.00 $99.00 Special Promo
Father/Son One-Hour $99.00 $99.00 Special Promo
Description Price 10-Pack Saving
Junior Class (Max 4) $35/Junior $300.00 $50
Beginner Adult Class (Max 4) $35/Adult $300.00 $50
Half-day summer camp (9am-1pm) $495/Junior $99/Junior
Includes lunch
Dates to be finalized

Pro Prices!

New Student One Hour Special – $99

Adult One Hour Private – $125

Adult Half Hour Private – $70

Adult 5 Hour Lesson Pack – $575

Adult 10 Hour Lesson Pack – $1,100

Adult 5 Half-Hour Lesson pack – $325.00

Adult 10 Half-Hour Lesson Pack – $650.00

Junior One Hour Private – $90

Junior Half-Hour Private – $50

Junior 5 Hour Lesson Pack – $425

Junior 5 Half-Hour Lesson Pack – $225

Family One Hour Private (Max 4) – $140

Family Half-Hour Private (Max 4) – $90

Family 1.5 Hour Private (Max 4) – $180

Mom/Daughter One Hour – $99

Father/Son One Hour – $99

Junior Class (Max 4) – $35/Junior

Beginner Adult Class (Max 4) – $35/Adult